What is Docsnap

Docsnap is an rsync repository for easy updating of installed FreeBSD documentation (/usr/share/doc). Use the main advantage of rsync - to only transfer the differences!

Repository is updated automatically every hour. It is generously hosted by Juraj Lutter on machine.


To update your documentation set:

rsync -rltvz /usr/share/doc/

Don't use --delete flag here, there are some items installed into /usr/share/doc by installworld, which would get wiped out. To clean up, use this instead:

rsync -rltvz --delete\.\* /usr/share/doc/

If you want to update only a subset of documentation, for example, English texts only, use:

rsync -rltvz /usr/share/doc/

To update only a specific article:

rsync -rltvz /usr/share/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/articles/


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