Pav's Guide to PR Sexiness Factors

Factor 9 - absolutely sexy. PR just begging to be closed. Very elegant, no manual changes by committer needed.

Factor 8 - very sexy. Just like previous, but with a minor nit easily fixable by committer. Joy to work on such PRs.

Factor 7 - elegant. Well crafted PR, solving complex problems by elegant make constructions. Need brain usage to validate the changes.

Factor 6 - shy. Same as factor 7 but containing some discutable style gratuitous changes.

Factor 5 - your ordinary PR. It's not repeling but there's something to be desired, like lack of usage of proper variables, for example lack of USE_AUTOTOOLS in libtool using port, or pkg-plist with two lines in it. Requires some mechanical action.

Factor 4 - bad format. Just like factor 5 but send uuencoded or as shar instead of diff.

Factor 3 - unsexy. Contains some annoying problem requiring a lot of boring work, like tabs replaced by spaces, or wrong plist. Also PRs that don't build on amd64 belong here.

Factor 2 - head hurter. Twisted sed patterns, completely obscure changes. Just reading it makes you sick. Close your eyes, do formal testing and commit it. Don't think about it! It would bring you nightmares next night.

Factor 1 - dead man. Something which don't make any sense, or shars that don't decode, patches which don't apply. Need to request resend.

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